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NJ Studio & 21 Cuts

Social Media Marketing, Moment Marketing, Brand Awareness

2019 - One Time Campaign


21 cuts , Celebrity Designer NJ Sathya's Youtube Channel wanted us to coordinate their photoshoot with a Celebrity , cover the photoshoot and design posters for them. At that moment Bigg boss fame Chithappu was on trend. So W

Duration - 10 days


At that moment Bigg Boss Fame Actor Saravanan was trending in Social Media. So We generated an idea to dress him up and do a photoshoot

This was uploaded in Instagram page 21 cuts & NJ Sathya

Content & Moment Marketing with Biggboss Fame Actor Saravanan

Platforms : Meta, Youtube


17 - 35

Demographics - Age


Brand Awareness Percentage




Engagement percentage


Average Clicks on all platforms 

Campaign Photos

Social Media Samples

Platforms : Meta, Youtube


  • Improved Brand's awareness by 33%

  • Increased Impressions by 17%

  • Boosted Reach by 10%

  • Achieved a 10% raise brands that collaborated

Demographic information

Target audience: Fashion-conscious Men aged 18-35

Reach: 1 million views to the post on Instagram

Demographic breakdown: 50% aged 18-25, 50% aged 26-35

Engagement metrics

Number of posts: 3

Average engagement per post: 15000+ likes and comments

Conversion rate: 5% (i.e. 5% of followers who engaged with the posts made a purchase)

Celebrity performance

Awareness of the brand: 90% of followers reported being aware of the brand after the photoshoot

Interest in the brand: 80% of followers expressed interest in the brand after the photoshoot

The brand NJ Sathya's NJ Studios & 21 cuts (Media Partner) was trending for two days

Customer feedback

Awareness of the photoshoot: 95% of customers who purchased products reported being aware of the photoshoot

Influence of the photoshoot on purchase decision: 75% of customers reported the photoshoot influenced their purchase decision

This campaign's insights provide a snapshot of the performance of Bigg boss Saravanan's celebrity photoshoot campaign for NJ Sathya Fashion House & 21cuts on social media.

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