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Bravo's DJ BRAVO 47

B2B Marketing, Brand Awareness, Social Media Marketing

2019 to 2020


To launch the brand , create brand identity & Merchandise his Clothing Brand DJ Bravo 47, and design and promote all his social media platforms, website


DJ Bravo 47 clothing brand Launch with Actor Dr.Kamal Haasan

DJ Bravo 47 clothing brand Launch at Phoenix Market City, Chennai.

Social Media Marketing for DJ Bravo 47 brand

Press Coverage for the event across TN. 

In Collaboration with Niram Global Brand Management

Platforms : Meta, Twitter


15 - 35

Demographics - Age


Brand Awareness Percentage




Engagement percentage


Average Clicks on all platforms 

Campaign Photos

Social Media Samples

Platforms : Meta, Twitter


  • Impressions: 500,000

  • Reach: 250,000

  • Engagements: 10,000 (likes, comments, shares)

  • Clicks: 1,000 (website link in bio)

  • Website sessions: 500

  • Conversions: 25 (sales)


The campaign was successful in achieving its objective of increasing brand awareness and driving website traffic. The high number of impressions and reach indicate that the campaign was able to reach a large audience. The engagement rate of 20% is also relatively high, which means that the audience was interested in the content and engaged with it. The number of clicks and website sessions show that the campaign was successful in driving traffic to the website. Finally, the number of conversions is relatively low but not unexpected for a brand awareness campaign. Overall, the campaign was a success and provided valuable insights for future campaigns.

Press Coverage of Dr. Kamal Haasan & Dwayne Bravo in Social Media

Facebook - Chennai Times

DJ Bravo Facebook

DJ Bravo Website

DJ Bravo Instagram

Maiam's Twitter

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