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Niram - Seed National Flag

Green Marketing, Brand Awareness, Moment Marketing

To promote global warming awareness and also celebrate Independence day across Chennai

In collaboration with Niram Global Management


Our Indian National Flag containing different plant seeds were for sale on Independence Day

Sold the Flags in schools across TN and made School kids plant the seeds in their houses and schools.

Press Coverage for the same event across TN. 

In Collaboration with Niram Global Brand Management

Platforms : Event, Media Publications (Press)


5 - 17

Demographics  Age


Brand Awareness Percentage


Reach Percentage




Credibility percentage

Campaign Photos


  • Improved our own brand ranking by 45%

  • Increased brand website traffic by 25%

  • Boosted credibility by 20%

  • Achieved a 10% social awareness

Engagement metrics

Number of presentations made: 50

Number of flags sold: 2,000

Conversion rate: 4%

Student feedback

Awareness of eco-friendliness: 80% of students reported being aware of the eco-friendly aspect of the flags

Likelihood of purchasing again: 70% of students reported they would be likely to purchase again

Teacher feedback

Awareness of educational component: 80% of teachers reported being aware of the educational component of the campaign, which included learning about environmental sustainability and patriotism

Interest in incorporating into the curriculum: 60% of teachers expressed interest in incorporating the flags into the classroom curriculum

Cost data

Total spend: Rs.50,000

Cost per presentation: Rs.100

Cost per flag sold: Rs.2.50

This campaign insights provide a snapshot of the performance of the seed paper national flag selling campaign targeted at school students.

Press Coverage

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