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Mission Mangal Movie Chennai Screening

Cause Marketing, Moment Marketing

To create awareness about the Sci-Fi movie Mission Mangal in Chennai which release in the year 2019.

The screening was happening all-over India, we are the proud Chennai Partners


Collaborative Screening with Inox , Citi Centre, Chennai

Bollywood's famous director R.Balki's interaction with the school students. 

B​rand collaborations with Infinite Studios, Madras Copies. 

Platforms : Event, Media Publications (Press)


15 - 17

Demographics  Age


Brand Awareness Percentage


Reach Percentage




Credibility percentage

Campaign Photos


·         Improved Film's branding by 33%

·         Increased cause benefit by 57%

·         Boosted credibility by 20%

·         Achieved a 10% raise brands that collaborated.

Campaign Insights

Demographic information

Target audience: School students aged 15 - 17

Reach: 5,000 students

Demographic breakdown: 50% girls, 50% boys; 80% aged 9-12, 20% aged 13-15

Engagement metrics

Number of screenings: 1

Average attendance per screening: 150 students

Conversion rate: 50% (i.e. 50% of students who attended the screening expressed interest in learning more about science and technology)

Student feedback

Awareness of the movie: 95% of students reported being aware of the movie "Mission Mangal"

Interest in science and technology: 80% of students reported increased interest in science and technology after the screening

Likelihood of watching the movie again: 70% of students reported they would be likely to watch the movie agai

Teacher feedback

Awareness of the educational component: 80% of teachers reported being aware of the educational component of the campaign, which included learning about the history of space exploration and the role of women in science and technology

Interest in incorporating into the curriculum: 60% of teachers expressed interest in incorporating the movie into the classroom curriculum

Cost data

Total spend: Rs.50,000

Cost per screening: Rs.50000

Cost per student reached: Rs.220

These campaign insights provide a snapshot of the performance of the "Mission Mangal" sci-fi movie screening campaign aimed at school students.

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